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What it's all about

If you’re looking to increase your skills and gain control of your career journey, then Boost Your Career is for you.


Boost Your Career is a development program supporting women to own their professional approach and chart a strategic career course to deliver their vision. Easy-to-use strategies encourage you to advance your career using new ways of engaging in the workplace to increase productivity and personal confidence to support your credible voice to speak up and out. 

Boost Your Career is a project based, self directed, career enhancement program
Boost Your Career Journey
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There are four Boost agencies aimed at supporting women entering and re-entering the professional workplace: Boost Your Self, Boost Your Voice, Boost Your Confidence and Boost Your Future.


Together, these four career Boosts support women seeking a hand with the logistics of successfully managing their move into the professional workplace and putting in place some relevant and timely development actions to support their transition. 


They contain the perfect transition messaging for any young woman making their way in a professional workplace, or women who have made advances in the professional workplace and are now looking to Boost their career vision. 


Each Boost centres on aspects of culture and behaviour as they impact the progress of the female career. They are the result of many decades of career coaching and professional development of emerging women, across a wide range of industry sectors, supported with a range of practical tasks, exercises and activities designed to make the learning “stick”. 

These activities promote the introduction of strong reflective practice into your daily routines and together, provide focussed guidance around positive and sustainable, behavioural change.


Each Boost is written in such a way that you are immediately immersed into what is often the chaos and political intrigue of the professional workplace. Through stories, observation and examples you are guided safely to the shore of a tailored development plan, which is designed by you, for you. 


Each Boost is an opportunity to uncover even more about yourself and how you operate. This is important because a clear understanding of the impact you have on those around you is a key ingredient to your intentional, success story. It’s called a ‘Boost’ because you are encouraged to take every opportunity to read, reflect and practice and ultimately, Boost your self, your voice, your confidence and your future.

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Boost Your Career Agencies

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Boost Your Career identifies four success factors for boosting careers with an extensive range of pragmatic and ready to use career development strategies to help you gain control of your self, your voice, your confidence and your future. 

Click the buttons below to learn how the 4 program agencies reflect your Boost journey.

Boost Your Career has development pathways for individual women or corporate organisations. 

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