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Boost Your Career
For Individuals

Boost Your Career is a project based, self directed, career enhancement program. The range of products offered means we support women in many ways.

Female career development
Women's career empowerment

If you’re a woman new to the professional workplace, or returning after a break, chances are you’re seeking to upskill in some areas, gain clarity and develop a plan for sustainable career development.


As an individual, you can work you way through the activities and reflective practices available in the Boost Your Career program. 

Development Pathways

Boost Your Career Online Program

Online, self directed career enhancement program. Supported by in-depth learning activities and strategies for career advancement, which supplement each of the four agencies included in the Boost Your Career program.

Career development for women
Leadership development for women
Returning to the workforce after maternity leave
Women in the workforce

A comprehensive online program designed to jump-start the career enhancement process for the professional woman. 

A self paced program, allowing the freedom to work on career development at your own speed, supported by simple, safe and successful strategies for boosting behavioural change to create a new way of thinking. The online program has a set of clear and simple success models underpinned with tried-and true strategies and techniques to help you design your fit-for-purpose career development blueprint.

Each of the 4 agencies centres on aspects of culture and behaviour that have significant impact on your professional career, supported with practical tasks, exercises and activities designed to make the learning "stick". Through stories, observation, strategies and examples you are guided safety to the shore of a tailored development plan, which is designed by you, for you.


Joining the Boost Your Career Online Program provides electronic course material and activity guides to facilitate self-paced learning; access to an online library of videos where corporate female leaders share stories of their journey; along with the opportunity to connect with a network of women who are redefining their career vision.

The 4 agencies are: Boost Your Self, Boost Your Voice, Boost Your Confidence, Boost Your Future

Boost Your Career Online Program

Ind Program
Boost Your Career Book: COMING SOON

Boost Your Career Book

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The Boost Your Career Book summarises all of the learning from the Online Program and acts as a reference resource you can keep with you as your career grows. A perfect tool for women new and returning to the professional workplace.

The Boost Your Career Book contains a condensed version of the learning material from the Boost Your Career Online Program, covering all 4 program agencies. The Book includes a set of clear and simple success models along with tips and techinques for defining career enhancement. 

Reviews of the Book:

"It feels like one of Louise's coaching sessions, but in hard copy!"

"Real life, practical examples and a refreshingly candid voice - highly recommend"

"So incredibly relatable... a real boon for the modern woman"

Ind Book
Career coaching for women
Individual Coaching

Individual online or in-person coaching, supplementing the Boost Your Career program, to support your career vision. Coaching is provided by the Founder and Chief Boosting Officer, Louise Phelan.

A quote from Louise:

"I've spent a good part of my professional life mentoring and coaching women in the workplace.  Helping them find themselves; be true to themselves; to clarify their dreams and supporting them to work hard to attain their goals; to always entertain new skills and succeed spectacularly wherever they choose.

My coaching approach is based on my ability to engage, motivate and develop women at all levels. My personal style captures a high level of comfort with experiential and active learning methodology and a clear application of high level conversation techniques."

Ind Coaching
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