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Female career development
increase female participation in the workforce
Boost Your Career is designed to jump-start the career enhancement process for professional women - no matter where you are in your career.

Boost Your Career uses simple techniques to guide you towards your authentic self and confidently reach your career vision as you gain control of yourself, your voice, your confidence and your future.

"Boost women put their future where it belongs - into their own hands"

Boost Your Career Products

Online Program

Online, self-directed career enhancement program. Supported by in depth work guides containing learning activities and strategies for career advancement, which supplement each of the four agencies included in the Boost Your Career program.

Women boosting their career
Career development for women
Building confidence in the workplace

Boost Your Career has development pathways for individual women or corporate organisations. 

​To boost your:

  • career planning

  • work strategies

  • self awareness

  • clarity

  • productivity

  • confidence

​To boost your organisation's:

  • gender diversity

  • participation

  • productivity

  • culture boost

  • supported talent

  • employer of choice

Boost Icons
Louise Phelan Headshot

Louise Phelan

Chief Boosting Officer

Louise is a dynamic and energetic leader with a career spanning 30 years in the corporate world.

Louise is passionate about women's career empowerment and wants to work with women of all experiences to help them unlock their potential. 

Click below to learn about her career journey and her passion for female development. 

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